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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Launching Virtual wifi Router

We have finally made it Virtual WiFi Router !

It can turn your windows 7 PC (with WiFi card in it) into a WiFi router. 
Windows 7 has an option to create AdHoc networks but devices like mobiles , tabulates will not be able to connect to this network. Using this tool you will be able to create a WiFi hot spot which can be accessed using any WiFi enabled devices.

You can now Download our Free Virtual Router .We thought of selling it for 20$ per download ,
Later we decided to launch for free.

You can download it here.

Completely scanned with various anti-virus programs. As a developer we care for user's privacy and data.

1) After downloading Configure with a WiFi hot spot name which you wish other to see.
2) Select password with more than 8 Character and click setup hot spot .

3) Click start.

Congrats you are done.

Note : We are not storing the WiFi password which you provide while configuring the router. Instead we leave it operating system to do that once successfully started we just clear the passwords entered so that no one can unmask the masked characters with any tool.

Now you have hosted a WiFi router using your PC. Connect to the WiFi router from your mobile/Ipad to the one you just configured. Enjoy the internet.

If you like please share with others . We will come up more features in next versions and even planning to open source the virtual WiFi router in further versions if possible.

Thank you ! :)


  1. great, it really helps someone like me who is not a very computer literate person.

    portable wireless router

  2. YES! I can finally use my laptop that connects to a 4g with a USB as a router. My family always had to take turns using the USB stick. This works great on my lenovo g500. Can't believe I just ran into this. Thanks harsha.


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Now virtual wifi Router is available in CNet also ..
But it has the latest one dont worry once you download you can update the version to latest one.