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Monday, March 26, 2012

Trick to Fix "Obtaining Ip Address .. " issue in Android mobile ..

Dear Users,

I have faced a weird issue in android mobiles .. some times while connecting to a wifi even though you provide correct password wifi keeps connecting and disconnecting at "obtaining ip address..".

To fix this ..
first disconnect from the network .. go to wifi settings .. from there navigate to advanced wifi settings .. check the "Use Static Ip" then come back and enter password and connect to the wifi again .. now while it tries to connect .. go to advanced again and remove the check box and come back and see you will be connected !!!!
Funny fix ! Worked for me many times !!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Windows 8 Virtual Wifi Router !!!

Good News !
  Virtual wifi router works on Windows 8 operating system ass well..So users if this works for you on your machine you are ready to go with virtual wifi router on windows 8 tooo..... !

Friday, January 20, 2012

Error "please enable your wifi adapter"

Dear Users,

You may get this error in the following scenarios

  • When your wifi is turned off
  • When your drivers dosent support virtualization . So please try to find the latest drivers which can support virtualization.

How to check if your drivers support virtualization ??

There are two ways to check if your wifi card and drivers support virtualization 
  1. Go to help in my tool and click on check button. If it says "Yes" it means it supports  virtualization and "No" means it doesn't support  virtualization.
  2. If my tool says nothing or if you want to check directly without intervention of tool please run your command prompt in Administrator mode and run the following command "netsh wlan show drivers" and check for "Hosted network supported : Yes". (Check the sample image below with highlighted text)
  3. If your drivers says "yes" and then my tool is not able to start let me know i will check it and will fix it for you.
  4. If it says "No" it means you have old drivers which doesn't support  virtualization.
      1.  Even after installing the latest drivers it says "No" it means your hardware is not supporting virtualization.

Latest News

Now virtual wifi Router is available in CNet also ..
But it has the latest one dont worry once you download you can update the version to latest one.