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Configuring First Time

Instructions to start using it

  1. For now we are releasing for only windows 7.
  2. If you dont have .Net framework installed on your machine , enable Microsoft .net from "Turn on Windows Feature On or Off" option, To do that Open Control Panel and follw the following steps to enable it.
  3. Press "Programs" or "Programs and Features"

  1. 4. Press "Turn windows feature on  or off " as shown in the below image

5. Select the check-boxes in "Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.1"  as shown below and press Ok button

         6. Run the downloaded "VirtualWifiRouter.exe" (Either version 1 or 2)
         7. If you are configuring for the first time go to Configure tab
    • Enter your own access point name which you want
    • Enter a password of at-least 8 digits 
    • Re-Enter the password and press "Setup Hot Spot" button. (Passwords are not stored by the application any where. Once the wifi hotspot creation is done the credentials are given to Windows and it will take care of it. We will clear the old password)
         8. If you have already configured you need not worry about configuring again unless you want to change access point name or password.
         9. Once configured if you want the same access point and password just press start button virtual wifi will be created and waiting for connections. 
        10. Once it is started you can minimize it to tray and work on it from system tray.

            If you are using the latest version(Version 2 of virtual WiFi Router) The following steps are not required.

Steps to be followed for Virtual WiFi Router Version 1 For Sharing Internet Connection on the newly created Virtual Wifi Adapter
Even you can check this Microsoft link.
To share the internet connection on this wifi please follow the following steps 
Right click in the location shown in the image
Select "open network and sharing center"

Select "Change adapter settings" as shown in the above image

Right click the interface which has  internet. Select Properties
Eg : "Local Area Connection" or some usb internet dongle interface. 
Go to "Sharing" Tab

Select the check box as show in the figure and select the newly created wifi adapter.
if you see any warning press ok button.
Disable and enable the both adapters connect to your internet on pc normally

You are done !!!!!!!!!! 

Any help required please feel free to mail us at :

Latest News

Now virtual wifi Router is available in CNet also ..
But it has the latest one dont worry once you download you can update the version to latest one.