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Monday, March 26, 2012

Trick to Fix "Obtaining Ip Address .. " issue in Android mobile ..

Dear Users,

I have faced a weird issue in android mobiles .. some times while connecting to a wifi even though you provide correct password wifi keeps connecting and disconnecting at "obtaining ip address..".

To fix this ..
first disconnect from the network .. go to wifi settings .. from there navigate to advanced wifi settings .. check the "Use Static Ip" then come back and enter password and connect to the wifi again .. now while it tries to connect .. go to advanced again and remove the check box and come back and see you will be connected !!!!
Funny fix ! Worked for me many times !!!


  1. connected but now data. spent my whole day trying tofix this damn thing

  2. juste i desactive firewall from antivirus and he work it great :)

  3. hey thanks..... it worked....
    I was searching for a fix for almost a year....
    thanks.... may god bless you :)

  4. The other solution would be to change the virtual network to WEP encryption

  5. i also spend whole night but i fix it by disabling firewall in my antivirus >>>> disable firewall and u will have data

  6. just turn wifi and virtual router OFF. Then turn Wifi back on before you hit start on virtual router again.


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