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Friday, May 24, 2013

Virtual WiFi Router Non English PC fix

Dear Users,

If you have a non english pc and if virtual wifi router is not able to recognize your wifi router.

Go to Run [ Windows key + R]

type "\ProgramData\VirtualWifiRouter\" without quotes

Create an empty file with file name "AdapterText.txt"

Open the file add the text same as the string in your network adapters

Click save and close the Application and Folder. Start the application again.


  1. I was used in wi fi 2 internet connection but now I am not getting can u suggest new version

  2. Hi. Creation of "VirtualWifiRouter" folder also fixed issue when app wasn't able to save settings due to missing folder and AppSettings.xml.

  3. wifi connected but internet not working on my smartphone

  4. please give me salutation for windows xp service pack 3 don't work your software this version . thanks

  5. In case of Windows XP (Dom't mae me change my OS plz) what I have to do?

  6. Dear Ravikanth Eeswar,

    I have downloaded Virtual WiFi Router on my laptop and is working fine.
    My broadband speed is 10mb.
    When I connected my mobile through the Virtual WiFi Router
    I tested the speed on my mobile and found out it's slow
    and barely reach 01mb but upload is quite good up to 02mb.

    Request your assistance how to increase the net download speed on my mobile.

    Thank you


  7. dear sir
    i am not able to connect my mobile phones or other devices through this app
    please help

  8. I am unable to download this software Virtual Wifi Router.

    Please provide help.

    My emailid is

  9. Great things you’ve always shared with us. Just keep writing this kind of posts.The time which was wasted in traveling for tuition now it can be used for studies.Thanks wireless router reviews


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But it has the latest one dont worry once you download you can update the version to latest one.