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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Issues if you have connectify installed or used previously

Dear Users,

I want to let all of you know that there are issues in starting of virtual wifi router when connectify is installed or used previously and un-installed.
  • Issues with Connectify
    • If connectify is installed and un - installed it is disabling wifi network so wifi router is not able to start and staying in configure page
    • If you have connectify still installed on the pc please stop the service of it in services.msc or uns-install it because if any virtual wifi is started outside it , it stops it forcefully you will face problems like wifi starts and stops immideatly.


  1. can you give us steps to enable our wireless adapter?

  2. hey chris .. mailed you .. now that i gave you a temporary working one which starts router , hope we catch up some time and resolve the other internet sharing issues too..

  3. I am getting a "please enable WiFi adapter" message. I did have connectify installed. I uninstalled it and I am getting the same message with the latest version. Windows 7 Pro x64.

  4. hi jdemarine please mail me the log file . I would definitely fix it for you if there is any issue. Please confirm that wifi is turned on , your drivers support virtualization ( go to help and press check button, working for english pc) , you have tried to configure atleast once.

  5. hi Ravi when i select my ISP name from "Share Net From" and then click start it gets back to Local Area Connection instead of my ISP. Please help

  6. hey internally it would have selected the one you have selected but in case it is not .. go to network settings and you can share the internet easily .. steps are provided in how to configure page .. let me know for any help


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