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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Releasing Virtual WiFi Router Working on other languages

Releasing Virtual WiFi Router which can handle computers with languages other than english .. tested in Dutch , and i would like to thank Michael Zijpveld  from Netherlands who helped me a lot in testing and giving me logs and helped me in fixing the issue..

  • Clients connected list is not updating in few languages other than English, will shortly fix it..

Please let me know if you have any issues . I will fix it for you :)


  1. I need some help i had connectify uninstalled and read that it conflicts with virtual keep saying please enable wireless adapter.

  2. For me is the same problem.. I did everything.. But it's keep sayng that i need to enable wirless adapter. Can enyone say what to do ?

  3. hey shakeriz can you please mail me .. I am the one who wrote this tool .. Please mail me the log file i will help you in fixing it. Chris has mailed me and got it fixed for him.

    1. ravikanth i am also having the same problem as chris
      my mail address is
      can you please mail me the solution
      i m using version

  4. I have the same problem.. it says that i need to enable wirless adapter...I don't know how to do now.

    portable wireless router

  5. For all who are having this problem please check this post of mine..

  6. Nice to find another geek. Here is a topic that will be interesting for you as well - . It is a cloud service designed for business.


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